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My story

Dear All,

I would like to share with all of you how I handeled my psoriasis.
I want to declare it here at the beginning that I am not advertising any product!!, and
if possible Im going to avoid product names.
It is a really long long story so Im not going to tell every detail now.

I never knew that I had psoriasis until it appeared due to a huge emotional shock at my age 23.
The psoriasis expanded on my skin untill it covered around 98 percent of my body; that was the time when 
I had to go to the hospital where they used vaseline and a steroidic cream.
I knew that it was no solution. I guess, dont have to introduce the search to any of you with psoriasis, what
could heal you...Black sea.. sea salt bath.. western medicine.. eastern medicine...meditation.....kineziology.. or what so ever, the
list is infinite...
certain things happend to me, .. or ..certain things I realized, did.. changed..
eventually I barely have any spots on my skin.

After it was gone, I have promised myself that I am going to share my story with everybody who it might help, but when I tried to write down what "cured" me, I simply just couldn't write down the one solution. For long time I thought it was self control.., then the awareness of other people getting rid of the symptomes... or finding my own way of dealing with it... actually it is all a little bit.

I had certain rules:
1# : No Alcohol.
2# : Systematic sleeping AND starting the sleep before 12.
3# : Having goals.. first small, then bigger, choosing well what makes me REALLY happy (read Michael Ende : The Neverending Story to find proper answer).
4# : Had to ask myself if I really wanted to be cured, and had to make sure that the answe was deeply a Yes!, had to be aware of it all time.
5# : Keep on with the normal steroidic and vaseline medication.
6# : Build up a strong immune system (for me it was sporting and eating a lot of beetroot)
7# : Leaving everything what leads you to a repeated spasmatic life..games, porn, lot of alcohol... ect. ..

probably I had more...
I am not saying that this will work for everybody, but partly this was what brought me to the solution.
but I am still sure that every one of you have to find your own way there; and I want to assure you that it is possible, and you don't have to pay thousands of dollars, euros, forints, just to get better.
But one thing you must know.., this is not going to happen in two days, and if you !!!!!FEEL!!!!!(without any doubt) that you are on the right track, than keep it on even if cant see the result yet.

probably I am going to extend, finish this but this is it for now.. and any of you feel like asking anything dont hesitate to write me on  
kornel.l.varga@gmail.com . 

Wish you all the best!!
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