Sanskrit Incarnate (byname) wrote in psoriasis,
Sanskrit Incarnate

Psoriasis & Egg Donations

Hello All,

I've put some thought into this and I am considering applying to be an egg donor. Of course, the genetic downside to this is that I have Psoriasis. Have any of you attempted this process and found that you are not eligible simply because of the "disease", I prefer to say 'immune disorder'?

From my research, I also found that some companies are interested in egg donators for the purposes of Psoriasis research. I'm more interested in helping a woman to have a baby than I am to donate it for the sake of research, though I can honestly say I wouldn't mind helping out there either. It's just that I have never wanted to have kids and I feel that if another woman could use my eggs, and all parties were informed of possible risks, then I would be more than happy to help.
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