maygun. (steadyriot) wrote in psoriasis,

Hi y'all! It's been a minute...
Anyway, my psoriasis has been on the back burner for the past few months. I'll catch you up on my life lately (hopefully you don't mind ;)).
In November I lost my job, which led to one of the most stressful situations I've ever been in. I moved to Oregon to turn my life around and finally do what I want. I FINALLY got a job (after 3 months of being the most stressed, depressed person I've ever known) and you can tell by my skin it's been hell. My arms are disgusting, and I mean DISGUSTING. It's getting on my hands again, and at this point I don't really know what to do.. I'm not getting paid yet (and probably won't be until the end of the month, and I have a lot of debts to pay off) so I have pretty much around $0-5 to spend on anything regarding my skin for the rest of the month..
I know I might sound crazy, but sometimes I wish I could just scrape the psorasis off my skin forever. I feel like I could scrub my skin with my loofa to kingdom come and my arms would still FEEL lumpy, disgusting, and gross.
I know relaxing would probably make it better, but I don't even think I know how to relax anymore.
Sorry for the rant guys, just needed somewhere to vent. Thanks in advance. :)
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