Sanskrit Incarnate (byname) wrote in psoriasis,
Sanskrit Incarnate

Mod Post: Community Interests

Hello everyone,

This process is just in its infancy, so please don't get too excited. I have it on my 'to-do' list to revamp this community. I know that I made a post about it a while back, and there will be one again in the future for suggestions since our community has grown a lot since then. I can only promise that any major changes will happen come May '11 and thereafter. The reason for this being is that I am a student who also works full time and I'll have to wait till I'm not so busy. Such is life, right? haha

However, for now, what I assure you I can tackle at the moment, and what I want to keep focus on, is our "Interests" section of the community. I feel this section is desperately lacking and it's the one area of the community index we should have in the best condition. The reason for this being is that several years ago I found this community by searching for 'psoriasis' as an interest, and I'm sure that story holds true for many of you. However, there are many people out there who may not know what they have, or who may be looking for something more specific like "fluocinonide", and I'd really like for our community to spring up in their search results.

So I'm looking for basic words and any names of medications pertaining to our condition that we can add to the section. I erased some things that were far too vague, so try to really narrow in on descriptions that a psoriasis sufferer would be out for. For example, "dry" is too vague; that could pertain to wine, deserts, skin, air, etc. Most importantly, please do not forget the names of any medications or remedies you have tried because I feel these are pertinent to producing the best results.

In your reply format, please just list things the way we would for interests. This will make it easier for me to just cut and paste. The interests are always listed as a word to a few words separated by commas. For example, just reply like so: psoriaris, dry skin, topicals,

Thanks again. I hope you guys are doing the best you can :)
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