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Has anyone been going to the tanning salon to clear up their psoriasis? i have been going for many months, and im clear now, but the psoriasis spots on my stomach turned into pigmintation and my skin is very uneven. the white spots are white and its brown underneath the white spots. i dont know what to do, its bothering me but im glad the tanning salon helped my Psoriasis. i used to be 90 percent covered. i even had it on my face but since my face is under the sun all the time, it cleared up and the CLINIQUE skin care products helped my psoriasis too for my face.  When i went to mexico the sun also cleared up the psoriasis on my leg. so im pretty happy about that....i just dont know what to do. Maybe im just to sensitive to UV light?

i also heard that they do lazer surgery for Psoriasis. has anyone tried lazer therapy? what were your results. My mom is thinking about saving money for me so i can get the  it a good idea?
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