Liz (_asherah_) wrote in psoriasis,

Various questions...

okay...i've been doing some research and, despite having P for 15+ years, I realized I never pursued anything my dermas didn't recommend/bring up. SO...several questions:

1 - For those women of you who have P and have had children - did your P getting/better worse when pregnant?? Did you switch to certain meds b/c of breastfeeding, etc.?

2 - (sorry this one is complicated) I have high blood pressure. I read several articles saying heart issues and high blood pressure are very common with people with P (something as high as 35% of people with P have it according to 1 article). For those of you taking any kind of injections (Humira, Stelara, Enbrel, etc), have you noticed any change in blood pressure - higher or lower?? I read one person's account who said their blood pressure dropped 20 points.

3 - Did you suffer any side effects from any injection you were taking??

And, yes, I will discuss all of this with my new Derma next month, I just want to get some first hand accounts of stuff :)
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