Tisha (tisha_leticia) wrote in psoriasis,

Gluten Free

Have any of you tried a gluten free diet to clear up your psoriasis? My psoriasis was so much better from being back on Enbrel and once the cold snap started, it flared up big time. It feels like someone is stretching out my skin, I'm peeling, etc. It's super irritating as you all know.

I picked up some cookbooks at the library to get ideas for recipes. I'll admit that I'm not really good at being helathy anyway. I could stand to lose like 100 lbs, drink more water, etc. I know people in much better shape than me who are having issues with their psoriasis as well right now though.

Anyway, any input about the gluten free diet would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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i tried cutting back significantly on gluten but didn't cut it out completely. My P did clear up some, but not too much. Although I'm never sure what my diet is doing for it or if its good weather (this was mid summer). Sorry, I know that's not much help :/
I do think there is a link there although it seems to be more strongly correlated with some people than others. I just can't cut gluten out entirely on my lifestyle :(
What do you mean?
I mean what I asked. I want to know about peoples experience w/ gluten free diets.